Precipitated & Fumed Silica

Amorphous precipitated and fumed silica are manufactured synthetic SiO2 products via precipitation methods and flame-based processes.

These products serve industries in mechanical rubber goods, shoe soles, tire, silicone rubber, animal feed, paints, coatings & inks, oral care, adhesives, detergents, refractory, civil engineering, paper and cardboard, ceramic and general chemicals.

Precipitated Silica

  • Surface area range: 60-200 m2/g
  • Particle size: average 120 microns, milled fine powder 5- 20 microns
  • Pore diameter: >300A
  • Forms: powder (conventional), granular (environmental friendly), high dispersible free-flowing powder, and high dispersible micro pearl (HD)
  • Packaging: 20kg, 25kg, 400kg polypropylene bags and low melt plastic bags

Fumed Silica

  • Surface area range: 150-400 m2/g
  • Particle size:
  • Pore diameter: non-porous
  • Packaging: 10kg paper bags

RS-Sil is a series of untreated, high-purity amorphous fumed silica.

RS-Sil T grades are hydrophobic fumed silica post surface treated with dichlordimethylsilane (DDS).

RS-Sil S grades are hydrophobic fumed silica post surface treated with hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS).