Colloidal Silica

ColGel or Colloidal Silica is an aqueous dispersion of silica particles in the low nanometer size range that typically exhibit narrow particle size distribution. It can be used as inorganic binders, reinforcing and strengthening agents, refractory bonding agents and surface modifiers in casting molds, refractory fiber based parts and insulating boards, paper manufacture and in beverage clarification.

Its high purity, especially sodium level, grades are used in automobile emission control, desulfurization and denitrification, and organic synthesis catalyst productions and as general catalyst binders including zeolite, washcoat, substrate, and canning catalytic applications.

Low sodium grade specifications for catalytic applications:


  • A: acid stabilized
  • N: ammonium stabilized
  • 12 (or 20) – 20 (or 34, 40): particle size – silica content

The following properties can be customized upon requests: pH, surface area, SiO2, and particle size.


The containers must not be opened for any longer period than is absolutely necessary for withdrawals. Withdrawals shall be limited to the quantity intended to be used.

  • Store at 5-400℃
  • Avoid direct sun light
  • Temperature lower than 2℃ will cause freezing and silica precipitation
  • Avoid exposing to air too longer than necessary
  • Shelf life 1 year