SilicaStar Industries, Inc.

Outsourcing Quality Products and Services From China

Working together, we can overcome the current COVID-19 pandemic supply chain disruption. All-inclusive delivery to your dock, we offer competitive price and freight.

Our Mission

We supply chemicals made in China.
We offer competitive price, consistent quality, and quantity.

We provide all inclusive delivered quotation, custom clearance, as well as sea and inland forwarding to your door. We also conduct product research and development collaboration with Chinese manufacturers, and offer technical support if there are any problems caused by switching suppliers. We can also help source other materials as well as support you with specific needs for your applications.

We are also the agent that can help you with outsourcing, partnership, and strategic alliance with manufacturers in China. We provide outsourcing business development, market development, and logistics consulting services.

“We promise quality, consistency, and reliability.”


  • Strategic outsourcing business development from China
  • Product research and development collaboration among customers, SilicaStar, Chinese manufacturers and other third party R&D organizations
  • Market development & Logistics

Products we Supply

Silicone rubber base:
general purpose, heat vulcanization silicone rubber suitable for extrusion, molding, wire and cables, small industrial goods and electrical applications such as keypads and gaskets, etc.
Precipitated and fumed Silica:
for rubber, plastics, coating, adhesives, sealant, and animal feed micro ingredient premix carriers.
Rubber additives curing/coupling agents:
DBPH, DCBP and silane.
Catalyst Support: silica gel, colloidal silica, zeolite, activated alumina.
About Us

SilicaStar Industries, Inc. is an importer/distributor in the United States with a broad supplier network in China. We specialize in supplying bulk industrial chemicals.

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Outsourcing Business Model

We can help your company with expending globally. Together, we can overcome the supply chain disruption.